The Brand-Building Toolkit & Community of Motivated* Entrepreneurs Who Are Creating A Future-Proof (Lifestyle) Business That Affords Them Time and Freedom.


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It can seem hard doing it alone...

Maybe you’ve been STUCK for a while...

and paralyzed by the mountain of online business opportunities in front of you in 2020. You have no clue which niche is right for you, or how to even start the daunting climb ahead..

Or maybe you’ve already found that niche that lights you up... 

but you’re alone in entrepreneurship. Nobody really understands what you’re up to. You’d LOVE to have a close group of friends that hung out every Friday to bounce around new ideas and talk marketing strategies over coffee. 

Maybe you’re following 20 different business gurus. 

You’re soaking up everything… but implementing nothing and more confused now then ever.

Maybe you’re so overwhelmed by the nitty-gritty technical setup... 

that the thought of sitting down at your laptop has your stomach in knots.

Or maybe you’re finally making progress... 

but you still feel like you’re trading your time for money. You’re looking to trade those late work nights for a more streamlined process and have someone you can relate to, who appreciates the milestones you’re hitting.

Imagine having a brand with the systems and processes in place to…


✓ See a steady flow of traffic to your website.

 ✓  Eliminate dependency on one channel.

 ✓  Enjoy limitless revenue potential.

 ✓  Future-proof your brand.

 ✓  Have 100% control over your content.

 ✓  Give you the best return on your time investment.

But, whatever the case may can’t afford to waste any more time.

Because sure, you want to run a successful brand that gets consistent traffic and sales every month. But even more than that, you want to be the parent that never misses a volleyball game, or the reason your spouse gets to retire early.

You need a plan to follow, step by step and support along the way


How would it be to...


→ Follow a Proven roadmap that'a worked to build multiple successful brands, time and time again.

→ Watch brands (in real time) being built right alongside you.

→ Jump on two Live calls per month with myself Chris Shaffer to get personalized feedback on your brand.


I've got GOOD're in luck!


We created a roadmap for you, the entrepreneur who wants a step-by-step, proven process to build a solid brand- then scale it with me as your mentor and support from my private community (TRIBE).

You don’t need more information. You need that ONE specific roadmap that’s actually going to move the needle. 

It took me years to learn this simple, but powerful framework, and now it's my mission to help others shortcut this process.

Our private community of like-minded brand builders who learn together by taking daily action. 

Get all the training and support you need as you grow.

As a BCA member you get access to...

  •  ✓ Niche Validation Training and Drilldowns
  •  ✓ 30-Day Step by Step Roadmap
  •  ✓ FREE copy of The Brand Creator’s Playbook (Textbook, Audiobook, and Workbook)
  •  ✓ 3-week Email Marketing Accelerator Workshop
  •  ✓ 20+ Email Templates *Including Promotions
  •  ✓ 2-week Pinterest Traffic Workshop
  •  ✓ Confidential Case Study Brands
  •  ✓ Private Facebook Group
  •  ✓ + NEW Fast Track Style Workshops
  •  ✓ + NEW Bonus Content 

We’re ALWAYS adding more value for our members. The academy evolves with the tribe, as we master skills together.

BCA members learn skills by doing:

  •  ✓ Choosing Your Niche (or expanding on your current one).
  •  ✓ Laying a solid foundation for traffic, or “home base.” 
  •  ✓ Planning content assets for your brand.
  •  ✓ Posting content and optimizing for targeted, dependable traffic.
  •  ✓ Building an email list that regularly drives raving fans to your home base and products.
  •  ✓ Adding multiple revenue streams with NO upfront costs, and NO LIMIT to the revenue potential.
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You'll never wonder what to do next


We’ve got the strategy all laid out for you, step-by-step.

Just starting out? 

Run through the 30-day Roadmap workshop to lay your foundation.

Already have your brand up and running? 

Jump right over to content creation, email marketing, Pinterest marketing, or uncover more revenue streams. 

It’s all there, ready for you to Take Action RIGHT NOW.



That’s exactly what your fellow BCA member, TyeLinda did:


She was already selling physical products when she joined the BCA community.

Jumping straight to the lowest-hanging fruit for her brand, she first used our email list building training to build an email list to over 10,000 people and increased her sales by over 70%!

Members like Tyelinda are there for each other and ALWAYS willing to share.


You don’t have to do this alone.


BCA is more than just your roadmap. We’re your support system.

We’re your new family: a kickass community, building and scaling our brands together.

* Everyone is committed.

* Everyone is invested.

* Everyone is held accountable.

Entrepreneurship can be lonely.

Here’s how we’ve fixed that:


 ✓ Member's Only Group

It’s our safe place to gather around the virtual table, and get feedback FAST!

 ✓ 2 Monthly LIVE Calls

One-on-one time with us to get personalized feedback on your brand and or watch others.

 ✓ Built In Chat Feature

Have questions specific to your niche? Just shoot me or Chris a video message, chat message, or audio message. 

 “"I've been blown away!
Scott and Chris have over delivered. I love how they are going through the process with us...step by step.  "

~ Loni B



"I suffered from over thinking things and after joining the group, I immediately got the support and confidence I needed to Take Action "

~ Octavio


What BCA Members Receive


1. Access To All Past and Current Trainings - (Value $5,000)

2. Two Monthly Live Strategy and Q & A Calls - (Value $500)

3. Access to Q & A Call Vault with 22 Currently - (Value $2k)

4. Access to 11 Past Member Hot Seat Calls - (Value $1,100)

5. Access to the Exclusive BCA Private Community - (Priceless)


Total Value = $8,600 

BCA Membership Just $99 Month

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I’m so confident that BCA will be a total game changer for you…


It's 100% Risk Free


Once you're accepted into BCA and you join, if after your first 14 days you don't LOVE IT...just send an email and we'll give you a full refund...NO QUESTIONS ASKED!


We Celebrate The Wins with Funny GIFS 😀

Still not sure if this is your “Take Action” moment to Join us? 

That’s okay!

If you’re still on the fence, you probably have a few questions. Here are a some of the most common questions we get…

Now the question I have for you is…

Where will you be in 6 or 12 months from now in your business?


Will you still be stuck choosing a niche? Will you be still worrying that Amazon could stop your selling privileges? Will your product sales slowly go away, because of increased competition? Do I have the time to add another course to my already long list of to-dos? 

I know it’s natural to wait until the last second - I’ve done it a lot myself.

But, here’s the thing… you can’t AFFORD to wait.

I suggest that whether you join Brand Creator’s Academy or not, you start building your own brand and start creating your own channel that you (100%) control as soon as possible.

As always, the private BCA community is here rooting for you. 

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"I've got more done in my Brand building in the last month, than I have in the last year combined"

~ Adam H

"What I love about Brand Creator's Academy is we are building a Future Proof Brand...step by step"

~ Todd Welch


"Watching Scott and Chris build a Brand and Mimic the process has been so helpful."

~ Dave D

"Scott and Chris are always there inside the group to answer any questions and show up on a video to answer directly to members.

This group is the BEST!"

~ Karin


Connect With Your Mentors


Scott Voelker & Chris Shaffer

We're TRULY Here To HELP Every Step Of The Way!


We created BCA as an opportunity to work directly with you in your business.

Have questions specific to your brand? 

 ✓ Shoot us a private chat! 

 ✓ Take your seat across from us at the virtual table on our bi-monthly LIVE Q&A calls! 

 ✓ Go through the hot seat sessions or request one yourself!

No more hypothetical Bass Fishing analogies. This is our opportunity to take a look at your website, your landing page, your emails, the ads you’re running... 

We spend as much time as we can making sure you get what you need. We can offer that 10,000 ft. view you need to get out of the weeds whenever you’re stuck.

We’re LITERALLY in the trenches with you.

We’re not just telling you how it’s done, we’re SHOWING you how it’s done by building REAL brands from scratch and monetizing them inside Brand Creator’s Academy. 

Members get exclusive, behind the scenes access to our confidential case study brands. 

Actually look over my shoulder as I write emails, drive traffic, add digital products, run ads... 

You get to see it all. Every click, every result. Everything that worked and didn’t work, my thought process- it’s all there.


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"I've built more of my website and traffic sources since joining and it feels GREAT!

The support and sharing of the members is so helpful"

~ Robin W

"They lay out a day by day plan to get you started andI'm already seeing organic traffic to my website"

~ Matt


"It's not about just selling products on one platform, it's about building a real business".

~ Austin

"This training is like no other, it's world class and is designed to get you from 0 to 100."

~ Michael


"It's literally like taking baby steps, going through the process and I never once felt overwhelmed".

~ Dean B

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