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The ULTIMATE One Day Virtual Brand Building Event in 2020

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Update: The Event on September 9th-11th at the Sheraton/ LeMeridien in Downtown Charlotte has been postponed.



Brand Accelerator Live

Will give you everything you need to know to take your business (no matter whether you are just starting, or you're already established!) to the next level.

What You Can Expect at Brand Accelerator Live VIRTUAL 2020

Finding Your Audience

How To Identify The Market (and the Business) That You're Truly In and Where Your Potential Customers Are Spending Their Time.

Connecting With Your Audience

How to Dominate Any Market by Creating a Deep Connection With Your Visitors and Turn Them Into Raving Fans

Monetizing Your Audience

How To Turn Your Raving Fans into Dollars


Every speaker will be teaching strategies and action steps that are working now in their businesses.

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You'll be learning from business owners who are in the trenches (now) building their brands.


Spend Time Forming Lifelong Bonds and Implementing What You've Learned Alongside Your Fellow Attendees and The Speakers

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What Do Attendees Say?


Previous Speakers Include

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Scott Voelker

Scott is a serial entrepreneur and the host of The Amazing Seller Podcast, who has helped 1,000’s of people all over the world start and grow their own online businesses.

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Chris Shaffer

Chris lives at the intersection of business strategy and growth tactics. Having consulted with dozens of different businesses (as well as building several of his own), he brings a unique perspective on what's working across the eCommerce world in businesses of all shapes and sizes.

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Steve Chou

Steve started selling online when his wife wanted to quit her job to stay at home with the kids. He now runs several 6 figure businesses which include an ecommerce store and his top business podcast (My Wife Quit Her Job).

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Greg Mercer

Greg started selling on Amazon over 5 years ago and has successfully built 7 figure Ecommerce businesses. He’s also the Founder of Jungle Scout, a suite of tools for Amazon sellers. He’s a serial entrepreneur and knows what it takes to build successful businesses.  

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Joel Bower

Joel is a master of strategy. His ability to look into the heart of a business to unlock previously untapped levels of success and fulfillment is awe inspiring. As high end business consultant and a core member of the TAS team, Joel is dedicated to using that skill to help growing ecommerce owners free themselves and live life on their own terms.

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Mike Jackness

Mike is my Funnel guy and who I asked for advice when building my own. Mike created and grew it into a 7 figure business in just 4 months. He's owned a variety of other ecommerce stores including and and runs an awesome podcast over at

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Toni Anderson

Toni has ran advertising campaigns for multi-million dollar companies such as and working with brands such as Kraft, Musselmans, Smuckers and Arm & Hammer, today Toni runs her own media company and ecommerce store. 

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Kevin Sanderson

Kevin is a multiple six figure seller with over three years of experience. He has a passion for helping others successfully sell on Amazon's International Marketplaces.

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More Speaker Announcements COMING SOON!

Stay tuned! We have a whole bunch of speakers lined up for 2020

What Do Attendees Say?

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The Sheraton/LeMeridien Downtown Charlotte

Located in the beautiful heart of "The Queen's City", the Sheration/LeMeridien offers the perfect balance of comfortable rooms, modern facilities AND is only a few minutes from some of the best spots to eat in the entire city.

Build and Scale Your Brand In The Heart of Charlotte

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What Do Attendees Say?

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