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The ULTIMATE One Day Virtual Brand Building Event in 2020

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Update: The Event on September 9th-11th at the Sheraton/ LeMeridien in Downtown Charlotte has been postponed.


Do You Want To GROW Your  TRAFFIC and PROFITS In Your BRAND?

If you answered YES...keep reading!

There’s two main things all businesses and brands need in order to be successful and that is…TRAFFIC and PROFITS!

So, that’s what Brand Accelerator LIVE {VIRTUAL} will be teaching during this one day (WORKSHOP) Event.

Yes, you read that right.

It’s a One Day WORKSHOP that will be broken into different sessions  that will teach all about what’s working now for traffic to increase current sales and adding new revenue streams.


We know people get overwhelmed after buying big complex courses and never finish them, which leads to NO RESULTS.

So, we are putting a stop to that by creating a full day event, that will be a workshop style to create a perfect action plan be then end.


The idea is to teach exactly how each component and strategy works and then give you the exact steps to follow, so you can take the information and put it into action…ASAP!

I’m a big believer in getting stuff done and putting it into ACTION, because that’s where you see results.

So, if you’re someone who wants to learn FAST and start TAKING ACTION immediately, so you can get results quicker…this one day (workshop) event is for you.



We want this to be a very interactive experience and as close to our LIVE (in person) events as possible. 

Live attendees will be able to ask questions during all workshop sessions.

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Session 1 - (Scott Voelker)

The NEW Traffic and Profit Landscape in 2020 and Beyond

One of the keys to growing revenue is by creating traffic and profit assets in your business. During this session we will break down the overall landscape and how you can self identify the best ones for your business.

This session will be the foundation for the rest of the full day event (workshop).

Session 2 - (Chris Shaffer)

The Content Creation Methods For FREE Traffic

Once you know where your niche is consuming content, you will want to create evergreen traffic assets that will drive traffic month after month and year after year.

During this session you will learn simple and fast ways to create these and start planting seeds in your niche that will grow for years to come.


Session 3 - (Alexis Culp)

Using PINTEREST To Drive 1,000’s To Your Website Every Month (Simple Strategy)

If you’re not using Pinterest in your brand yet, you won’t want to miss this session. Alexis, who also happens to be my daughter… has cracked the code and has used this simple strategy to drive 1,000’s of visitors to multiple brands for FREE!

She will break down this simple, but powerful strategy and how you can apply it to your business immediately.


LUNCH & LEARN (How To Build Your Brand To Sell)

Session 4 - (Chris Shaffer)

The Simplified Email List Building and Marketing Formula

One of the main drivers for many successful brands is email marketing, but to some it seems too complicated or they don’t know where to start.

During this session we’ll break down the simple 4 steps for building a list in your market and how to write emails that will drive more traffic and sales.


Session 5 - (Cassidy Tuttle)

The Email List + One $10 Digital Product Strategy (Simple Funnel That Generated $15k in 30 days)

Seeing is believing…right?

Well, in this session Cassidy will be showing you a real live example of a recent strategy that she is using to build her list and sell a $10 product at the same time. This has resulted in over $15k in sales within just 30 days.

You’ll walk away from this session learning how to create a simple funnel that builds your email list and sells a tiny $10 digital product, without taking weeks to implement.


Session 6 - (Scott Voelker)

The Blueprint To Creating Your First Digital Product and Selling in 30 days or Less!

After you attended the last session with Cassidy, you’ll probably want to dive deeper into how you can create a simple digital product that can be sold for $10 or $20.

During this session you’ll learn the same process I’ve used over and over again and allows you to create a small digital product in days…not weeks or months.

You’ll learn a simple process and framework that will make this process super simple, so you can get one created FAST!


Session 7 - (Chris Shaffer)

Simple Formula For Mastering Facebook ADS in 7 Days   (What’s Working NOW)

One of the most valuable skills you can learn is how to GET TRAFFIC to your website! 

During this session Chris is going to walk you through a very simple and NEW strategy for using Facebook Ads that can build your list fast and sell your products.

After this session you will walk away with a detailed plan and action steps to start using Facebook Ads and drive targeted traffic to your brand


Session 8 - (Scott Voelker)

Creating Your Personalized ACTION PLAN (The Simplified Approach)

This session will show you how to take what you’ve learned and prioritize what YOUR next steps should be, so you don’t get overwhelmed and you… TAKE ACTION!

You’ll also learn a few simple techniques that will help you get more done without actually working more.

The motto is…DO LESS and GET MORE DONE!


Session 9 - Round Table Q & A and Cocktails with Special Guests

This is where we get to take a deep breath from the long day and connect with each other.

We will also be there to answer any questions from the day’s sessions, so we can make sure you are not stuck in any area.

Plus, there may will be a few special guests that will drop by to have a drink and answer questions too.

This time slot would be the same as if we were at a conference and we had a networking party.

So, bring your favorite drink and get ready to CONNECT with other Brand Creators!


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Scott Voelker

So, this is the part I have to talk about myself, because I'm the one writing this page :-)

I'm all about Family first and building businesses that create the freedom lifestyle.  But, here's what you should know about me and what gives me the right to teach during this event.

I've been building online businesses for over 12 years and I've become a serial entrepreneur that has built 6 and 7 figure businesses. 

For the past several years I've been teaching my methods and business strategies to 1,000's of others all over the world.

My MOTTO? Keep things simple and TAKE ACTION!

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Chris Shaffer

Chris is the guy you want to be on your team when strategizing your business for growth. He has a wide range of expertise that ranges from content creation, list building and everything paid ads.

What a lot of people don't know is Chris has managed millions of dollars in paid advertising over the last several years in multiple niches.

If Chris is in a room of business owners and talking marketing, people usually stop and listen to what he has to say. 

He's one of the smartest guys I know, but don't tell him I told you that :-)

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Alexis (who also is my daughter) has been around online business her entire life.

Over the past several years she has built her own successful blog that is reaching over 85k visitors per month and growing.

She's developed a simple, but powerful strategy on how to drive FREE Traffic using Pinterest and has tested it on several brands.

She's also a new "proud"  mom :-)

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Cassidy has been a full-time blogger for over 5 years and has built a 6 figure business along the way. 

She is always improving and testing new strategies that help grow and secure her business through adding more traffic and revenue assets.

Cassidy is another person that everyone in the room wants to stop and listen to when she starts talking about what's working NOW!

Plus, she has a HUGE  heart and is always willing to share her knowledge with others.

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Kevin was first a student and now a successful online business owner who went full-time 2 years ago and never looked back.

He's also known as the International Selling Expert who now helps e-commerce sellers launch on multiple platforms.

Kevin also use to work as a conference organizer for Disney and large hotels and understands the operations of business.

Kevin is also the one responsible for encouraging me to create the first BAL event in 2019 and will be our MC for this event.




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The Sheraton/LeMeridien Downtown Charlotte

Located in the beautiful heart of "The Queen's City", the Sheration/LeMeridien offers the perfect balance of comfortable rooms, modern facilities AND is only a few minutes from some of the best spots to eat in the entire city.

Build and Scale Your Brand In The Heart of Charlotte

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What Do Attendees Say?

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