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Discover The Proven 6 Step Roadmap For Creating A Profitable Online Brand..The Simple Way!


The Brand Creator’s Playbook is strategically designed to empower you to finally launch your online business, even if you only have a few hours per week, and see growth month after month with NO limits on your earning potential. 

*This playbook is responsible for building my own 6 and 7 figure brands over the years and is exactly what I follow to this day.

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If You're Tired Of Feeling Overwhelmed and Confused On How To Start Your Business...

Then this playbook has exactly what you need!  Follow the simple 6-part process, one step at a time.

What makes the Playbook different?

This isn’t just another abstract business book. 

It’s the laser-focused ACTION PLAN you’ve been looking for. 

You'll have a detailed plan to follow, every step of the way.

  ✓ Validate a profitable niche to START building your online business with a leg up in the market (Page 7)

  ✓ Niche down in your existing business to stand out in the market and increase sales (Page 12)

  ✓ Build your home base- an asset YOU own and control (Page 26)

  ✓ Plug into FREE, consistent, and TARGETED traffic (Page 37)

  ✓ Create an email list of RAVING fans (Page 72)

  ✓ Monetize the RIGHT way: Set up multiple revenue streams for your business (Page 91)

  ✓ Build outside channels to diversify your traffic and revenue (Page 97)

… And more! 100+ pages packed with proven steps toward financial freedom!

 “This really helped me get over my mental block and see things completely differently



This will put an END to Information Overload


Believe it or not, this is something that hurts so many entrepreneurs and limits their results.

Let me ask you a question...

How many online business gurus are you currently following? 

You’re soaking up a wealth of valuable information, sure. But how much progress have you made? 

Are you stuck, because you have too much information and don't know where to start now?

This playbook was specifically designed to get you to STOP spinning your wheels, trying to figure out everything on your own. 


Look, I’ve been in your shoes. Leaving my 60+ hour per week construction job back in 2001 to start my own business was the best decision of my LIFE!

But I’ve been through the trenches and I know first-hand how overwhelming the transition to becoming a successful online entrepreneur can be. 

And the last thing you need now or in 2021 is MORE information. 


You need that ONE specific roadmap that’s actually going to MOVE THE NEEDLE.


I’ve learned the process to create real financial freedom for my family and run a true lifestyle business, which means I never miss a chance to drive my daughter to school in the morning or cheer her on at her volleyball games. 


It took me years to learn this simple, but powerful framework for building a future-proof brand, and now I give you the shortcuts.

Download Your Copy Now For Just $1

Never again start your day without a game plan.

I’ve done the work for you. Your brand-building strategy is all laid out, step-by-step.

Years of experience have been broken down into this ONE straightforward process that’s easy to follow in any niche.

Here’s the 6-Part Process You'll Be Learning...

Part 1

Niche Selection & Market Validation

Validate your potential for traffic and monetization BEFORE you start building.


Part 2

 Build Your Home Base (Website)

Create a solid foundation for your brand that will allow for traffic assets  and the future monetization.


Part 3

✓ Find Content That Attracts Buyers

Learn my strategy for finding content that ranks FAST and attracts BUYERS in your niche.


Part 4

 Create Traffic Generating Assets

Learn exactly how to create content that generates FREE traffic to your website 24/7.


Part 5

 Build an Email List of Raving Fans

Become a trusted resource in your niche and drive buyers to your home base and products and offers.


Part 6

 Turning Traffic Into MONEY

Identify short and longterm revenue opportunities and start adding them through a variety of channels.


The playbook gives you everything you need to start and grow your brand, step by step.

I’ve taken the guess-work out of building a brand. All you need to do is implement these steps, one chapter at a time.

The Brand Creator’s Playbook is my answer to one of the most common questions people ask me: 


“Scott, what would you do if you were just starting TODAY?” 


My answer is simple. I would follow this 6-part process to a T. 

There’s a reason why I require all of my students to read this book and there’s a reason why I teach this 6-part process in my podcast and on my blog. 

It’s worked for me and it’s worked for my students time and time again.


All you need to do, is Take Action and grab your copy TODAY!

Download Your Copy Now For Just $1

Disclaimer: This Playbook is NOT for everyone.

If you’re looking for a get-rich-quick scheme, this book is NOT for you. 

As the old saying goes: If it’s too good to be true, it probably is. Success takes work. Period.

If you’re not willing to put in the work... well, the Playbook is NOT going to build your business FOR you.

The Brand Creator’s Playbook works for Action Takers.

You’re motivated and ready to roll up your sleeves… all you’re missing is the roadmap to follow.

Maybe you’ve been STUCK for a while... paralyzed by the overwhelming amount of online business opportunities in 2021. You have no idea which market is right for you.

Or maybe you’ve been feeling insecure… You have no clue how to stand out in the crowd.

If any of this sounds familiar, The Brand Creator’s Playbook is exactly what you’ve been looking for.


I laid out this roadmap for you, the entrepreneur who wants a step-by-step, proven process to build a powerful brand.


Because I know you want to build a successful online business… but it’s not money you really, truly want. At the end of the day, it’s all about what money will allow you to have. And in most cases, that is FREEDOM!

I’m living proof that with dedication and the right plan of action, you CAN achieve the freedom of:

  • Creating your own schedule
  • Controlling your own income
  • Working from anywhere
  • Diving into what interests you
  • Being your own boss!


Can I tell you a Secret?

Do you want to know what separates successful brand-builders from the people who never get their business idea off the ground?

The secret is simple. Successful people TAKE ACTION.

It’s simple, yes but most people don’t do it. This is why I wrote The Brand Creator’s Playbook, to share with you my straightforward plan of action that I follow EVERY TIME I build a new brand.

It’s time to invest in yourself. 

The skills you’ll learn here cannot be taken away from you. You’ll have this knowledge forever. 

And because you’ll be implementing these action steps as you read along, you’ll have the experience too.

You’ll own a process that you can use to replicate your results over and over again!

That is truly how you become FUTURE-PROOF.

In case you were wondering who this Scott Voelker guy is...

First, I'm a family man who has raised 3 kids with my wife of 26 years. We're proud grandparents now too, as you can see in the picture.

Author, podcast host, mentor, and experienced entrepreneur.

My MISSION is to empower others to build a future-proof brand of their own so they can experience the ultimate freedom of time, location, and finances that I’m grateful for every day.

I know the power of TAKING ACTION better than anyone and I’ve seen thousands of people’s lives changed as a result of it- including my OWN!

So I pass my playbook on to you; an action-taker like me. You’re getting the process I’ve perfected after 20 YEARS of making mistakes and seeing huge success in entrepreneurship. You could say I’ve learned a trick or two! :-)

Something you should know about me: 

I HATE excuses. Back when I was working 60+ hours a week in construction, I was ALSO building my family’s first home at nights and on weekends. When people say they don’t have time to build their business and earn their freedom, I say they don’t want it bad enough.

So, are you ready to build and grow your brand?

It's time to get serious and it starts with picking up your copy of the playbook and start TAKING ACTION! 

DOWNLOAD Your Copy Of The Playbook NOW!

Grabbing the Brand Creator's Playbook, is one of the easiest and most effective things you can do to "jump start" your business AND keep it future proofed (by following along with the strategies and tactics inside of the book).

Rather than charging people an arm and a leg for the blueprint that I learned from the "school of hard knocks", I want to get it into as many business owner's hands as possible, because I know the difference it can make for you in your journey.

As I always say...I'm in your corner and rooting for you :-)