For Anyone Looking To Start Their Own Business…That Isn’t AFFECTED By A Recession…And Can Be Run From Home or Anywhere Else You Choose!


"New Training Reveals...How To Create Digital Real Estate That Generates Monthly, Recurring Revenue...That Can Be Done In Your Spare Time!"


Hey there, I’m Scott Voelker and I won’t bore you with a 10-page sales letter that shows pictures of my Lambo or fancy houses trying to impress you and make me look successful.

That’s not my style and plus I don’t spend money on that stuff anyway.

And I won’t try and pressure you into investing in something that isn’t right for you, that’s why you should read this letter and you can decide for yourself.

Just so you know, I’m just an average guy who’s been married for 27 years, has 3 kids, two dogs and I love creating recurring revenue streams :-)

And I hate BS and HYPE, but this model has me super excited for the future and sharing it with whoever will listen.

I Found The “Perfect” Low Maintenance Business Model That Checks All The Boxes For A Side Hustle or a Full-Time GIG!


I’ve been at this a long time and have built and ran all different kinds of businesses over the last 20 years, from brick and mortar, real estate investing, physical products, digital products, $25k Masterminds, and one on one consulting.


Let me first say, I love them all…


But, the easiest one by far and has the most long-term benefits has been building small content sites that require the least amount of time and have a huge potential for BIG Profits that can be SOLD, just like real estate.


We all know real estate is pretty awesome when it comes to long-term investing, but that takes way more capital to get started and a lot longer to get a good return. 


Here’s a list of WHY I’m In LOVE with building Digital Real Estate and How It's a SLAM-DUNK!


Low start-up: You can start this business with less than $100 and decide to do the work yourself or outsource some tasks to make it go faster.


Recurring Revenue: Once you are getting traffic to your website, ad networks (Ezoic, Mediavine, and Adthrive) will pay to show ads on your site and do this month over month.


This has been the easiest recurring revenue I’ve ever experienced, which is even easier than my rental property.


Minimal Time: You can spend as little as 1 hour per week and overtime reap the benefits of the compound effect, once the balls starts rolling.


Run From Anywhere: You can run this from a coffee shop, your bedroom, or basically anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.


Easy To Maintain: These properties don’t require posting on Social Media 7 times per day and are designed to require very little ongoing maintenance.


No Customer Service: Because we are creating these for more of a hands-off type business and monetizing through ad networks and affiliate products, we don’t have any customers to deal with.


Scalability Factor: The great thing about this type of business is you can choose to scale it as big as you want by growing traffic and adding additional revenue streams.


Also, you can start with one property now and then start another one after 6 months to create a portfolio over time, just like a real estate portfolio.


Asset That Can Be SOLD: Once you create an income-generating property, you have the option to sell it for 3X to 4X your yearly net profit. 


Here’s an example: Let’s say your site is generating $1k profit per month ($12k Year). An investor would be willing to purchase at 3x to 4x and that would be $36k to $48k and usually, they pay cash.

As you can see below that one of the top website brokers "Empire Flippers" reported that the number of investors is increasing and in HIGH Demand.

The numbers are up 25% from last year and the trend is going up


What I love about this model is that we can decide to hold the property and collect the recurring revenue for as long as we want or decide to sell and cash in.

As you can see from the list of benefits I just covered, it's pretty sweet.

But, it has to check one final box for me and that is...

It Has To Be FUN: I have realized that whatever I’m working on it has to be fun and enjoyable. Plus, I like building things and I like to create more recurring income streams. It’s my hobby :-)


The Answer: “NICHE” Properties ™ 

Yes, I love digital and physical products and I still offer them in other businesses of mine.


Heck, this page is for a digital product I’m offering for crying out loud :-)


But, creating digital real estate is by far the easiest and checks all of the boxes above.


You can build a low-hassle, online real estate property that generates high profits, dependable recurring revenue and becomes something investors are looking to buy FAST!


There’s only a couple of goals and things to focus on when we are building these NICHE Properties and that is getting traffic and generating recurring revenue, without needing to ship products or dealing with customer service.

FREE Traffic = Monthly Recurring Revenue

This is an example of one of the "NICHE" Properties I created that's now cranking on autopilot that I spend less than 2 hours per week maintaining.

Like I said earlier, once these get going and start getting traffic...all you need to do is turn on an ad network and collect the rent checks :-)











Listen,  I hate BS and HYPEY Stuff like posting screenshots of income numbers, but this model has me super excited for the future and sharing it with whoever will listen.

That's why I created a full training that will take the guesswork out and guide anyone that wants to create their own online digital real estate for themselves.


Your Step-by-Step Roadmap To Start Building "NICHE" Properties ™  That Can Generate Recurring Revenue Using The Digital Real Estate System! 


You’ll get the exact roadmap to follow that shows exactly how to do it yourself.


You won’t need to spend 3 months going through a $1,997 course or a $10,000 coaching program.


The “NICHE” Properties training will give you simple and actionable (100% fluff-free) workshop-style content that is backed by my 20+ years of building online businesses. 


Here are a few of the breakthroughs you’ll have during this one-of-a-kind training…


✅ The “Niche Discovery Hack” that uncovers unlimited niches and can be done over and over again.


✅ The 10 Minute Niche Validation Method that finds winners and weeds out the losers.


✅ How to create a NICHE Property website in 30 minutes or less…without needing to hire a web developer.


✅ How to create a professionally looking website logo for under $20


✅ How to find low competition content topics that rank on Google and start driving traffic FAST. (This strategy helped us rank on page #1 in just 9 days and we’ll share how)


✅ How to find top buyer keywords that drive affiliate product sales.


✅ How to plan and create 30 - 60 and 90-day content schedules.


✅ How to create content clusters that get tons of traffic and keep visitors on your site longer.


✅ How to AMPLIFY your content on Pinterest and diversify traffic channels.


✅ The Simple Pinterest HACK that increases organic traffic daily.


✅ How to add other people’s digital products and get paid up to 50% commissions.


✅ How to create your own digital product from your existing website content and sell it.


✅ How to scale your content publishing by hiring a writer and where to find them.


✅ How to optimize your content for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and get Google sending you traffic ASAP!


And So MUCH more…


Why am I REVEALING This? What’s the catch?


First off, after doing this for over 20+ years, it’s in my blood and I love bringing honest teaching to the internet marketing space and community.


There’s nothing like helping a stranger and then having them tell you it changed their life for the better.


And let’s be honest here, in full transparency, doing a class like this is a nice way to get paid for doing what I love.


No matter how much money you make, it always feels good to get paid for your passion.


It’s why people like Tony Robbins get paid $100k to speak at an event. We all know that’s not making them rich, but they do it because it’s their passion and it lights them up to share their wisdom with the world.


My “NO RISK” Guarantee


During the live class, I will stay until the last question is answered and make sure no one gets left behind.


By the end, I promise you will understand the model and how all the pieces fit together.


You’ll feel good knowing how to build your “NICHE” Property, the right way without feeling overwhelmed and stressed.


If at the end of this training, you don’t feel it was worth your investment or it’s just not for you, email us and we’ll give you a full refund…no questions asked.


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