How To Build an Email List That Drives TRAFFIC and SALES

"The EASY Way"


The 3 to 500 method is the simplest way to build a highly-responsive email list that generates 24/7 attention and sales for your brand!


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Imagine just for a second......

This time next month, you’re holding a list of personal contacts for 500 of your ideal customers.

What does that look like for your business?

  • Need more traffic? → Send an email to all 500
  • Need to boost sales? → Send an email.
  • Need feedback straight from your market? → Send an email.
  • Launching a new product or brand? → Send an email.
  • Moving away from Amazon? → Send an email.

Unlike Amazon or Facebook Messenger, an email list is something that YOU own and YOU control.

It’s not going away EVER!

That’s why Email Lists are the ultimate game-changer for any business.

Having a targeted email list will free up your time, while simultaneously catapulting your business forward.

  • Build a community around your brand.
  • Turn existing customers into repeat customers.
  • Reach more people in your market.
  • Skyrocket your traffic without waiting for Google to rank your content.
  • Increase the worth of your business.

Simply put, an email list is a dependable asset. 

If you don’t have an asset in your business that YOU control yet… it’s time to change that.

… This workshop is the perfect fit for you.

We’ve mapped out your next 30 days and included everything you’ll need, start to finish.

Having an email list is a non-stop marketing and sales machine for your brand.


So, why haven’t you built one yet? 

If you’re thinking…

This is way over my head! There’s too much to set up. I have no clue where to start.

Or if you’ve been burned by email marketing in the past… 

It didn’t work for me! No one subscribed to my list.

Or maybe...

I built a list, but my subscribers weren’t engaged with my content or offers. I gave up and stopped trying.

… This workshop is the perfect fit for you.
We’ve mapped out your next 30 days and included everything you’ll need, start to finish.


The Email List Building Fast Track Workshop

The only thing you need to build a list from scratch.

Use the proven 3 to 500 Method to funnel 500 future buyers to your list in 30 days or less.

No need to overthink it anymore. We’ve got it covered.

 ✓ 3-Part Workshop 

Learn the 3 to 500 method in a few hours and leave with your next 30-days mapped out.

 ✓ BONUS #1 - The Email List Building Playbook 

100+ pages of in-depth list building and email marketing techniques.

 ✓ BONUS #2 -  Private Case Study Recordings 

Watch in real time how we built a list to over 9k email subscribers in 30 days.

It’s called a Fast Track Workshop for a reason. 

Instead of spending weeks going through overwhelming course content, just commit to sitting down for a few hours to dig in, get your game plan, and TAKE ACTION!

Get Everything You Need To Confidently Build Your Email List To Get Targeted TRAFFIC and Make SALES!

 “This broke through all of my blocks that I had to finally get it done”

~Gabriela A


You'll Learn The "3 to 500" Method 

3 laser-focused steps to get your first 500 subscribers... in 30 days or less!

We’ve broken down our proven strategy into three manageable steps for you get started ASAP!

1. Attract & Repel
Identify the right offer to specifically attract only your ideal customers, then create it within 24 hours.

 2. Capture
Set up a simple, high-converting landing page that collects emails for you ALL. DAY. LONG.

3. Drive Traffic
Start by using FREE traffic sources and then ramp it up by using our simplified Facebook Ad strategy for pennies.

You'll Get Everything You Need To Confidently Build Your Email List To Get Targeted TRAFFIC and Make SALES!

Email List Building [Fast Track] Workshop


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 “Before, I had no idea how to build a list, but now I know how to formulate a plan to follow step by step

~Johnny F

We Truly Want To HELP YOU!


Meet your Instructors:

Scott Voelker & Chris Shaffer

There’s a reason why we’ve been building email lists in every brand we’ve owned, separately and together, for over a decade. It’s worked time and time again- in every market. 

In the past 13 years, we’ve sold well over $1M, just from email alone. We know first hand the power in a well-built email list.

And now, we’re on a mission to motivate others who feel STUCK and show them the way to create a business that sets them FREE!

We’re your Fast Track Workshop instructors and we’re here to help.

In fact, to motivate you even further, we’ve included an added BONUS to your workshop goodie bag. 

When you save your seat for the Email List Building Fast Track Workshop, you get instant access to our Private Case Study Recordings. 

This is your chance to see exactly how we used the 3 to 500 method to build a list for a brand new business from 0 to over 9,000 people in just 30 days.


Hey...Can We Share A SECRET?


We don't want EVERYONE to join our list.

The only people you want are the ones that are truly interested in your market.

We do this by nailing down the right lead magnet offer, and that will get potential buyers to excitedly raise their hands to subscribe to your list, while simultaneously weeding out those people who will never be interested in buying from you. 

It’s our highly effective “ATTRACT & REPEL” approach to email list building that’s been working for us for over a decade in various markets.

We’ll show you the 5 types of lead magnets and exactly how to choose the right one for YOU and YOUR buyers.

But what about the ins and outs of creating an email list offer?

We get that the mechanics feel daunting, so we’ve taken care of the nitty-gritty details for you.

In the Email List Building Fast Track Workshop, we reveal ninja hacks that anyone can use to create a lead magnet within 24 hours

It’s easier than you think if you know the hacks! (In fact, you might already have something that your buyers will go crazy over!)

Then, we’ll also show you step-by-step how to build a simple but effective landing page, hook up your email autoresponder, and painlessly build a machine that runs in the background for you!

And here’s the kicker…

Once you’ve learned how to build your first email list, you can use that skill over and over again to continue growing your list OR build a new list for absolutely anything

When you walk away from the Fast Track workshop, you’ll have everything you need to build this asset into your own business.

  • Impact and connect with your audience.
  • Get future buyers to know, like, and trust your brand.
  • Move your business forward, faster.
  • Stop relying on Amazon or social media and build a list of customers you can depend on long-term.

Okay, you’ve seen the value of an email list, but you still have some questions. 

You’re not alone. We’ve answered the most common below:

So, now my question for you is…If you haven’t started building your email list yet… why not?

Now is the time. Have your list by this time next month!

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