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Brand Building NUT, Sports Lover, Coffee User, Mindset Nerd, Action Taker 


I'm Scott Voelker

Over the years I’ve helped thousands of people TAKE ACTION to UNLOCK their true potential on building their ultimate freedom business, by developing the skills to make them resilient, confident and FUTURE PROOF.

I’ve clocked my 10,000 hours over the years working in the trenches myself and helping others build and grow their brands. I know the power in TAKING ACTION better than anyone and I’ve seen people lives changed as a result of it. Including my OWN!

I believe in it so much that I wrote a book titled “The Take Action Effect” which helps to unlock the true potential in anyone who adopts these simple, but powerful methods.

I’ve been through some hard stuff myself growing up and was never handed anything in life. But, that also allows me to understand what prevents people from going after their goals due to the lack of confidence and feeling STUCK!  It’s now my MISSION to help others unlock their true potential and TAKE ACTION towards creating their own Ultimate Freedom Business and LIFE they deserve.

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I'm not for EVERYONE and I'm OK With That!

"Things people either LOVE or HATE about ME"

(But, these will NEVER Change)


There’s a ton of so called gurus out there flashing their fancy cars and their rented for a day  mansions to try to impress. As the saying says…if it’s too good to be true, it probably is. Success takes work…period.

2. I'm a Farmer's KID

Being raised by my Dad who himself was raised on a farm, I was taught that hard work pays off and ALWAYS tell the TRUTH. If you agree with those principles…we will get along fine.

3. I've Experienced Alcoholism

As a young child I dealt with my Mother in and out of rehabs. She finally got sober when I was 10 years old and was 22 years sober when she passed at 50 years old. She battled depression from abuse she experienced as a young girl from her Father. She was a great Mother and taught me how to be open and honest.

4. I’m Into ROCK Music

When I was 13 years old  I saw an Ozzy Osbourne video on MTV with Jake E Lee as his guitarist. I was SOLD! I wanted to be a rockstar. If you LOVE old ROCK Music, we will get along really good.

5. I’m Not Perfect

I’ve been made fun of by the wrong words I use at times and I use to stutter as a young kid. I was afraid to read out loud in school, because I thought I would sound dumb. I’m glad I got over that and decided to start a podcast that has been downloaded over 16 Million times.


Ever since I was 19 years old and I was working for my Father’s construction company, I loved to build things and watch it come to life. Now, 19 years later I still love building, but instead of a house, I love building businesses and watching them GROW.

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When I was working 60+ hours a week for my Father’s company, I was building my first house at nights and on the weekends. When people say they don’t have time to build their business to give them freedom, I say they don’t want it bad enough.

Sometimes you have to work late or get up early to achieve your DREAMS!


For me, the driver has always been Family and never living with regret. So, I made the decision back in 2001 to start my own business, hoping I could spend more time at home and attend all of my kid's events. Best decision of my LIFE!

Now, I'm on a MISSION to help others create a business that allows them live their life and not be STUCK in a JOB they hate.

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MY Mentor

My Father was a mentor to me early in my life when I was a child and then later in business. This video shares some lessons I've learned and some THE HARD WAY! 

Having a MENTOR who can inspire, motivate and kick you in the a HUGE part of the SUCCESS Formula.



I want to inspire and motivate others who feel STUCK in their daily JOBS like I did, and show them the way to create a business that sets them FREE!

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In 2019 I wrote my first ever published book and it was a dream come true. The truth is I'm not much of a writer, but I found a way and now it's changing LIVES! #proudmoment


Any chance I get to inspire and be that voice that gets people to TAKE ACTION...I'm IN!

I was asked recently to be on The Charlotte TODAY morning show and share The TAKE ACTION EFFECT.

This was a highlight for me. I never imagined as a kid growing up that I one day I could help people change their lives.

Another example of WHY I'm a BIG Believer in Taking Action!

Action = RESULTS!



My dream at 15 was to one day be on stage and be a Rockstar. That didn't happen, but I did start a podcast that has reached over 16 million downloads and has listeners all over the world.

I also held my own event, where I was able to be on stage ROCKIN' the crowd at Brand Accelerator Live in 2019.

So, my dream of being a ROCK STAR kind of came true, but instead of playing loud through my old Fender AMP, I get to inspire and motivate and help others reach their full potential and live their best LIFE!

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